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The explosive up-cycled melting illusion by danish artiste, Nina Saunders

Graduated from Central Saint Martins, London. Nina Saunders, a Denmark born London based artists known for an exhibition where she transformed compile of secondhand furnitures, chairs to be exact into an art pieces. Nina not only experiment around with chairs / furnitures into her design practice, but also collaborated with steinway sons, a well-know grand piano label.

Nina, makes sculptures that leak, tip, and spill what appears to be undefined contents into the ground, transforming everyday comfort and kitsch into art objects that aren't intended for use. It's a word that is really used in the context of luxury furnitures, but it is the only way to describe Saunder's design practices / collection of furniture objects. No matter what alteration she makes to her collected objects, they are always rendered unusable, with cushions ballooning to an abnormal proportion or legs leaning to an unnaturally slanted angle.

Post the melting chair editions, Saunders has become an avid collector of upcyled furnitures from all over the world, to be up cycled for her pieces, that's what her design practices known for. She mainly source an armchair with no legs (which sits on top of two bricks) and a dining room table with one chair missing.

Saunders first began collecting these "unusable" furnitures objects after she was inspired by a trip to Italy, where she saw an old signpost leaning at a precarious angle. She wanted to capture or preserve that feeling incompleteness that you get when you see something like this in person, something that shows the way it makes your brain start working on solving the problem of how it got like that and what happen next.

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