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Each year DOOMA curate a collection of lighting designs complemented spaces with a variety of modern design concepts. Below is breakdown of the curated objects we have chosen for our first series of lighting in this blog post.

Cerine Sconce series for Trueing

Lighting is taken to a new level with this contemporary take on industrial chain lighting. Made of hand-forged brass, the light bulb is encased in a brass cage and suspended from a chain that’s long enough to be positioned around any space with ease.

This chain lighting was in collaboration with trueing and launched at a Japanese sophisticated women apparel pas de Calais store located in Soho, Manhattan in 2019 as a collaboration that rhymes in terms of the design aesthetic.

Aiden Bowman and Josh Metersky, who created the Brooklyn Studio, drew inspiration for the designs from a variety of sources. Delicate golden chain necklaces, rough metal variants found in shipyards, and ornate designs found on the front of beaux-arts buildings are just a few examples.

Oscar Picollo

The Pleated Lamp is an Instagram famous lamp. Designed by Oscar Picollo Sicilian based designer, sculptor and photographer also known for designing sets for famous Barcelona-based photographer, Carlotta Guerrero the person behind Solange's iconic photograph for Solange Knowles news album " Seat at the table" an art direction music video in celebration of the art of the black power. This piccolo's masterpiece was also included for the interior of the Numeroventi boutique hotels in Florence, Italy. This lamp is sure to be a conversation piece around your home.

Léa Mestres

Paris-based designer, Léa Mestres started her design studio in Paris after finishing her master's in conceptual design in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Léa Mestres has a flair for evocative furnishings, blending color with family craftsmanship to create work that is both playful and free-feeling. Her textured plaster light sculptures appear to be nice and approachable but they loom above us like a warm, glowing beacon in the evening. Her creations straddle the line between fine art and industrial design, making it a unique addition to any space from office lobbies , bedroom, to living rooms.

Robert Yellow lamp by Léa Mestres

Léa Mestres Robert yellow lamp exhibition at Galerie Philia NYC

In common with

This Brooklyn-based lighting-focused design studio was founded by two RISD grads Nicholas Ozemba and Felicia Hung. Rather than designing yet another boring luxurious lighting like chandelier for the premium market, In Common With has positioned its work solidly in the realm of approachable, making custom lighting more accessible than ever before. The duo's hand-pinched clay hues, which are developed in partnership with ceramicists from Ohio to Brooklyn, are particularly appealing to us.

Brass up down sconce

Ceramic disc orb surface mount

Augustus orb pendant

Tiered disc pendant

Disc low table lamp

Brajak vitberg

Slovenia based art and design studio founded in 2018 by two architects. They released their Miami design series as their signature pieces of the practice, ranging from coffee tables to an exotic lighting design collections. The studio uses materials and forms that produce imperfect perfection to inspire a variety of products, from handmade, one-of-a-kind items to restricted small series.

Miami floating table lamp

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