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André Resinger "Take over"

Andre Reisinger, designer, and founder of the Andre Reisinger Studio, recently took over major cities with his digital art called "The Take Over". Andre Reisinger reimagined cities around the world, through texturized drapes that give buildings in Paris, London, New York City, Rome, Amsterdam, and Dubai with a blush-pink facade. The project is what he's known for: he often employs muted pink tones and textured materials to give old buildings a new look. André Resinger's practice became known after the launch of The Hortensia chair went viral last year; he moved into his new studio last year after receiving an award for his design at Milan's Biennale Design Museum.

To democratize art, Reisinger purposefully chose his social media profiles as the venue to display the latest series of his theatrical productions. He reached a broad audience by hanging pink curtains and coverings over the buildings throughout the major cities. The Take Over project has taken him all over the world while fusing his fantasy with reality- a combination that brings something new to each of the cities visits. Reisinger creates a theatrical production using digital technology in which the streets themselves take the lead in a brand-new drama.

The physical areas of different cities' neighborhoods embrace "Take over" and its fluid installations, with each designs rendered echoing which defines that city as a staple: Paris, in refined and minimalistic silhouettes: New York, in extravagant and performative coverings; London, in layers of various diverse textures; and Tokyo, in an explosion of majestic and entertaining scenographies along with His collaboration with Art Dubai in creating and reimagining Dubai in the most flattering with fabulous faux fur dramatic draperies added with Zaha Hadid touches alike architecture curves to it.

Reisinger's latest series is a bold and daring exploration of the relationship between digital art and physical space. The digital artist has long been known for incorporating enticing ambiguity between materiality and abstraction into his work, which equals his creative inquiry into what makes a "genuine" work of art. Any element that contributes to forming an experience, whether in the digital or physical realm, is substantial in the eyes of the digital artist.

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