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When you think of a place to escape to, what comes to mind?

Is it a remote island where you can replenish your soul and relax in peace? A cozy cottage by a lake where you can spend time with family or friends? Or is it a historic 19th-century mansion that's encircled by 900m2 of garden, and one that was once owned by the Aristocratic Hermes family?

This last option is exactly what you'll find at Hotel Particulier Montmartre. Located in Paris' Montmartre neighborhood, this hotel is the kind of place that's sure to inspire creativity and relaxation. The charm, romance, and radically diverse sensations of Paris are all combined in this place—and if you haven't already heard about it, then we're here to tell you!

As soon as you enter through the secret gate into this hidden gem on Junot Avenue from Montmartre neighborhood, you'll be welcomed by an enchanting area filled with cobblestones steps. Once inside, you'll find exquisite draperies and gilt mirrors throughout the hotel lobby designed by Pierre Lacroix—a designer who was known for his posh velvety furniture.

The hotel has numerous lovely outside seating spots, including a gravel patio with wicker chairs near the bar and white wrought iron chairs and tables arranged around the garden. Stairs are leading down to the hotel's hidden quarters, Le trés particulier. Residents and hotel guests often enjoy the bar, which features panoramic glass windows overlooking the garden with Pierre Lacroix maroon velvet arm chair and it's check board tiling,accompanied with warm lighting.

This hotel attracts many people because of its cozy atmosphere, just like staying in a sophisticated high-end house. The hotel is one-of-a-kind in Paris because it is the smallest, with only five suites, with every room painted with paintings of Serge Gainsborough and many more. The vibrant Vegetale Suite boasts a lime-green bathroom, while the sleeker Poems and Hats Suite has light carpeting, black furnishings, and a glass-encased bathtub in the center. The addition of a restaurant and a bar to this rare and exquisite property gives a sleek and rich feel about it.

Celebrities from Tom Hanks, Scarlet Johansson, and Angelina Jolie were all enticed to stay in this five suites hotel. The garden offers lovers a divine location outside of the city on sunny days, and the Particulier hotel area exudes both an exquisite and urbanized atmosphere, making it a discreet and enchanting destination to add to your Paris itinerary.

Gate entrance.

Garden entrance during nighttime.

Le Grand Salon.

Le très Particulier pub indoor


Le Très Particulier pub outdoor

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